our microloan program helps to build local economy

Anyone who has visited Haiti is struck by the deep poverty in which most people live.  Sometimes the problem can seem overwhelming, yet, with a very small input, lives can be changed and living conditions can be elevated.  LHM’s microloan program has been working in 5 communities for the past ten years.  We work with groups of ten to fifteen women who share ideas on business development, and hold one another accountable for paying back the loans, which usually equal about $250 USD.  Funds are borrowed  from and paid back into a special account set aside for this particular community and never return to LHM.  This fund revolves every so often in order to include new participants or expand businesses for already participating members.  Loans have gone to start an array of businesses—from a donkey transport business, to a cookie production business, to a butcher shop.  Women report that the small businesses they have started allow them to pay for their children’s schooling, make improvements on their homes, and feed their children better.